Internship Applications are Closed

We are no longer accepting applications for Internships in 2018. We are proud of the 96 students who found opportunities this summer. That is a substantial increase in the percentage of successful students from last year! Well done!

If you are interning this summer, you should have already received an email from Tammy Lucas providing you with a course number so you may register for COMM 493. Let us know immediately if you did not receive that email! You have until noon May 11, 2018 to register! After that, your internship will be canceled.

NOTE: If you were told to register for CRN 30061, please wait. We are creating a new section for you and will send that out within the next two days.

Do whatever you have to do to remove any holds on your IUP accounts and register by NOON, MAY 11, 2018!

For those who did not get internships this summer, you should remain subscribed to this site. We will begin sending out information to you in the fall to help you find an internship next summer. I’m here to help! Stop by! — Dr. Lenze

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