As we near the April 2nd deadline, there are misconceptions we need to clear up.

  • There are no 6 credit internships. You may only complete a 9 credit internship.
  • The internship must be related to communications media. Getting a job is not an internship. Your work must be related to our field in some way and it must be work that requires a high level of college education to perform.
  • The Site Offer Form must be signed by hand. Your site can not print its name and initials on the form. It must be signed, preferably with blue ink. Same with the initials, the third page must be initialed by hand.
  • April 2nd is not the day by which your site must be affiliated. It is the date by which you must submit your paperwork if you are going to intern with an unaffiliated site. There is a huge difference!
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