How do we get an affiliation agreement with a site?

This is a common question. While we already have hundreds of sites with affiliation agreements, you might find an internship with a site that has no relationship with IUP and has never signed an affiliation agreement.

There are two approaches. The first is that you may request that I send an affiliation agreement before you are offered an internship. While this has worked in the past, it is not as successful as waiting until an internship is offered.

That leads us to the second approach: Sending the affiliation agreement after an offer of an internship is made. In the second approach, the site already knows you and has decided they want you! They are much more likely to sign the agreement at this stage. I recommend that you ask me to send an affiliation agreement after you have been offered an internship.

Remember, you must submit an internship application before April 1st if the site is not affiliated.

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