How to handle a low GPA

A low GPA can be a really opportunity cost. Many internship sites now specifically require a GPA of 3.0 or higher for all applicants. So, what can a person do who has a lower GPA? Well, the first thing to do is turn it around. At IUP you may D/F repeat six courses. That means you may repeat the course and substitute a potentially higher grade for a lower grade in the same course. While the old grade will still appear on the transcript, it won’t be calculated into the GPA. Nothing repairs a low GPA faster than a D/F repeat.

The second thing you can do is establish a new pattern of success. Maybe you can’t raise your GPA above a 3.0 giving the number of classes you have left to take in your program. But, you could consistently earn higher grades from this point on. Then, point out in your application or cover letter that while you struggled with college in the beginning, you later learned how to balance studies and life so that you became successful. This will impress many internship sites who want employees who overcome problems instead of succumbing to them.

Today is a new day! Get out there, earn great grades, and create opportunities!

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