The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS)

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Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

General Information: The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) sponsors a semester-long internship program for outstanding undergraduate students from the 14 PASSHE universities. These interns work with selected professionals and legislators in various state government offices. Many interns have accepted policy or research positions in state government upon graduation. Interns are appointed and serve for one regular semester (either fall or spring). Interns participate directly in public policy formulation, analysis, and evaluation. Their work experience includes report and speech writing, research, and direct involvement with program initiation, implementation, and evaluation. The internship program provides students with a meaningful professional assignment as well as an enriching academic experience.

Seminar: Students also participate in an internship seminar that meets at the Dixon University Center and is supervised by a resident faculty member. The seminar integrates each student’s work experience with a rigorous academic component. The seminar exposes students to the latest scholarship on public policy formation and includes elements of the legislative process, executive operations, decision-making, governmental budgeting, public personnel administration, and more specialized state governmental topics. Each semester leading policy makers from the Commonwealth address the seminar and participate in roundtable discussions with students. The Secretary of Environmental Protection might well describe the department’s involvement in addressing global warming and other initiatives. The Governor’s policy chief could describe the process of developing major initiatives within the upper levels of administration. Lobbyists for various interest groups may speak about their profession and the issues for which they advocate. A regular feature of the seminar is having alumni of the program who are working in state government talk about their career paths. Under the guidance of the faculty director, students integrate the contribution of policy makers with the academic components of the seminar. Assigned readings, writings, discussions, and other activities augment the learning in the seminar.

Academic Credit: Each THIS intern has the opportunity to earn 15 credit hours toward his or her undergraduate degree consistent with the policies of the student’s home university and major department. Upon successful completion of the internship, each student’s grade will be included in his or her quality point average and made part of the academic transcript. The 15 credit hours includes 9 credit hours for the internship itself, 3 credit hours for the completion of a rigorous academic seminar, and 3 credit hours for a research project involving substantial analysis.

Selection Process: Interns may come from any academic major and are chosen through procedures determined on each campus. Applicants must submit an application form (attached), two letters of recommendation, a writing sample, a transcript, and a resume. Students must have earned at least 45 undergraduate credits and a 3.0 or higher grade point average at the time of application.

Stipend. Each student receives a stipend to help pay for the costs of room, board, and tuition. The stipend is currently $4,000 before taxes.

Campus Coordinator. Each campus has designated a faculty member to serve as a campus coordinator, who develops appropriate campus procedures for recruitment, along with the process for reviewing and recommending prospective student interns. The list of Campus Coordinators may be found on the THIS web site at


THIS Application Form.Spring2017-2g4si3x

For More Information

Rachel Sternfeld
Department of Political Science
HSS Building, 405J

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