APSCUF Internship – Paid – Housing Included! Harrisburg

The deadline for APSCUF’s (PAID! Housing included!) summer and fall government/communications

internships is Friday, Feb. 17. We’re looking for undergraduates interested in government, politics, public affairs, journalism or communications. Details are here: http://www.apscuf.org/students#internship

Here’s a testimonial from our summer 2016 intern: http://bit.ly/2aQfNON

… and one from our winter 2016-17 intern: http://bit.ly/2jylbZy

Please share this information with promising and interested students with your news or student-government organizations or in your departments. Letters of recommendation are required, but with the deadline looming, we will accept applications with the letters forthcoming.

Thank you for your consideration.–

Kathryn Morton

communications director


319 N. Front St. Harrisburg, PA 17101

1-800-932-0587, ext. 3007

APSCUF on Facebook • Twitter • Instagram

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