Life Long Bet

The story introduces you to a young girl by the name of Grace. Who lives in a small rural town located in Clarksdale, Arizona. Grace is presented with many struggles throughout the piece due to her family having a low income. She is a very outspoken young girl, and does not let this determine who she is. She goes against the norms, and loves anything spooky or scary. Well that is until her new next-door neighbor moves in. Grace very much knows who she is until her new-found friendship with Mason challenges her Identity.


What is this story and why is it essential?

This eBook presents a story that many pre-teenagers can relate to.

The characters within the story convey realistic characteristics and real life struggles.

The story gives a sense of rising stakes.

It gives a twist, and adds fictional elements into the story.

How is Life Long Bet unique?

Significance: As a kid sometimes it’s necessary to have something that takes you away from reality and gives you a deeper connection than the outside world. I feel as though my book can provide help to anyone going through similar struggles, may it be friendship or home life issues.


Audience: This story is aimed towards pre-teenagers, or teenagers. For this age group I find it beneficial that they can pick up a book and resonate a deeper connection with. When I was around that age I found it difficult to find a book I had actual interest in. My book being realistic and having elements of fiction makes it unique and brings in a variety of audiences as well.


Why this book is free and will remain free:

This story is meant to be free because having any recognition as a writer is a huge accomplishment for me. I truly hope that people could have a connection to what I am writing, and benefit from it. I also hope that it will encourage kids in how much they want to read. This day and age many teenagers are absorbed into technology or materialistic things. Sitting down, taking your mind off stress, and reading for fun is what I truly want someone to do with my work. Having it cost money was never an option.

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About the Author:

Caitlin Sippel is currently pursuing a degree in English with a Writing Studies track, as well as Marketing minor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In Summer 18’ she will be participating in an internship with Command Investigations, LLC located in Lake Mary, Florida, editing reports and Marketing their services. When she is not attending school, she works at a Primantis Brother’s bar located in Downtown Pittsburgh She also enjoys taking long hikes her with Black Lab Bruin, and spending time her family.

Key words

Young girl, Grace, Small, rural, town, Arizona, struggles, Low incomes, neighbor, Mason, friendship, Fiction, Friendships, Teenagers.

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