Relay Races

The focus of this post will be a relay race, a common fun field and track events. A relay race is a race between two or more teams, in which each team member runs a pre-set distance of the race and is then relieved by another member of the team. The team member most likely holds a baton and passes it to the next runner. This an interesting activity being that most students participate in this at one point during a field day trip. 

People that are not well informed do not know that there are different types. There are two most common relay races and a less common one called sprint medley relay. Some common misconceptions with relay racing is that if the runner drops the baton the person will be disqualified. Another well known one is if the runner crosses the finish line without the baton they will be disqualified. In those events the runner is not always disqualified. A frustration is that depending on the age group people change the rules. 

A solution to this issue is for people to explain the different forms of relay races no matter what age group. It is important for everyone to know the correct rules for all circumstances before the race begins. This is to assure that everyone gets the same treatment and a fair try at winning the race.

A lot of us have  participated in some form of relay race at one point in our lives. Anyone that is in charge of the race should be held responsible for placing the runners in their correct lanes. There should be no special treatment meaning the runners should all understand the rules given. There should maybe be a penalty for runners who cause collisions.

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