Pole Vault

The event for this post is known as pole vaulting. Pole Vaulting is a track and field event that uses a long flexible pole. The pole may be fibreglass or carbon fiber. Pole Vaults main importance is energy conversion. The motor vitality developed during the athletes run transforms into energy for the pole. The pole bend is about 90 degrees which pulls back and releases that energy. The more energy the athlete puts in the pole bend is best for them to vaulter up and over the bar. 

In all sports there are plenty of risk at hand which creates numerous amounts of worries. Pole Vaulting is known to be dangerous, the vaulters could be seriously injured or probably die. Could you imagine being about 20 feet in the air just holding on to a pole? A misconception people fear is that the pole would snap. In reality that should be the least of their worries. The most common injury is ligament sprains due to an improper landing. 

In the world we live in people die and get injured everyday. Wounds are normal in youthful vaulters. Damage techniques show that many could be kept away from by utilizing legitimate procedure, especially during the arrival stage. Mentors should concentrate on vaulters with earlier wounds to recognize hazardous conduct and to help right poor procedure. The pole is mainly the safety tool they have with them when they are going against gravity.  

Nothing should stop a perfectly healthy person from participating in a sport they are passionate about. Pole Vaulting should be more recognized since people are putting their lives at risk just like in any other sport. I would consider the pole vault the hardest of the jumps due to the strength and technique needed. 

I hope this inspires you to go watch a new sporting event or even get more active. Want to learn more about different track and field events?  I’ll be back with more in my next post. Have any friends that might enjoy this? Do not hesitate to share this blog. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe.

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