long jump

The focus of this post is long jumps. A long jump is an athletic sport where competitors run for a certain amount as fast they can and jump as far as possible. The jump must be done in one leap. This is a very simple sport event unlike some other track and field competitions. 

There are many possible errors in all sports since not everyone is built the same and sometimes people do not understand the rules. Long jumping is no different even with it being very straight forward it has many common errors. Some of the common errors are that some runners take too long to run up, a one pace run up, some slow down when they are approaching the take off board and people get nervous before the jump so decided to look down. Everyone should make sure to look out for those common errors to help improve. 

Even though these are minor errors there are simple solutions for these athletes to improve. The run up builds a lot of nervousness which forces people to make small mistakes. It’s crucial for the athletes to know that in a long jump run up should increase in speed. Another important solution is for the athlete to keep their eyes open by focusing on the other side of the jump.

I feel like long jump is one of those events that really showcases the ability humans have to surpass limits set for themselves. I think long jump is underrated and underappreciated. The lower body  strength that is required to make those jumps is immense. Those who are good at long jump usually posses a good 40-60 meter time. 

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