Discus Throw

This post will be based on a track and field event known as discus throw. Discus throw is when an athlete must throw a heavy disc as far as they possibly can. It’s important for the athlete to throw the disc from a circle that is 2.5 meters in diameter. The disc is the same shape as a Frisbee to give it the ability to glide better. 

In all sports there are differences in rules between a female and male sport event which includes training and diet forms. It’s important for people to know that the discus does not weigh as much for women compared to men. For women people have the misconception that they must be big and muscular since they must have a lot of strength. This is not true take Nina Apollonovna Ponomaryova for instance who is only 5’5 and isn’t overly muscular or big.

In reality the women that participate in discus throwing vary in height and weight. This means that no matter what your body type is you could still be great in this sport. In every sport it just takes a lot of dedication to practice. Although being tall does help that is not all it takes for someone to do well they must be physically fit. Someone that is heavy set and out of shape will not work best because it slows them down. 

It is understandable for most sports to have different sets of rules between genders. I just belief that neither one should be disregarded. I find it interesting that some track and field events are starting to combine both genders. This sport should not be undervalued because it is far more than just throwing. It takes training to make sure the person keeps increasing their strength. 

Just here keeping you and myself informed about a great sport. I hope this inspires you to go watch a new sporting event or even get more active. Want to learn more about different track and field events?  I’ll be back with more in my next post. Have any friends that might enjoy this? Do not hesitate to share this blog. Please make sure to like, comment, and subscribe.

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