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Let me start off by saying all people on this planet should be treated equally. No one race is superior to another! However, its okay to be interested in your ancestry and how you got to where you are today. Its okay to be proud of your ancestors overcame adversity. What we can not allow is our family’s past to dictate our relationships with other human beings today. If we want to live in a truly equal society where all are treated fairly we must shed the hate and blame that many holds for one another all over the planet. for example, I am of Jewish decent but I do not let that affect my dealings with modern-day Germans. This does NOT mean we forget what happened, it just means that we should forgive. We do not want history to repeat itself but we cannot allow history to cause more unnecessary death and destruction over something trivial like race, creed, or religion!

Knowing your past can help you find who you are today. The secret everyone forgets we are all related. I am NOT affiliated with, but I recommend going to the site (The link is below this blog post). You may find that certain groups you have prejudices against are related to you! Why is this important to know? It is a lot harder to hate something that is a part of you. Earlier I mentioned I do not hate Germans though they killed millions of my people, because I am German too! I hate that it happened but If I blame modern day people of German decent then some of that blame falls on me. I am not responsible for the Holocaust obviously so how can I place that blame on another who was not even alive but is probably extremely upset it happened too. will also show you cousins and potentially half siblings you do not know about and get you in touch with them. This can be the beginning of your own personal historical investigation. Once you know your ancestry it might connect you more to the past and spark an interest you did not have previously. You should not forget, you are the culmination of generations of people who have lived and died. Your genetic line spans all the way to the beginnings of our race whenever you believed that occurred. Ancestry will tell you the time periods and nationalities of your past ancestry. Now many of you are busy individuals and you do not have time to read lengthy books. but you do watch TV and you have a phone. YouTube has tons of historical documentaries concerning almost all of human history. These are free and some links will be posted below directing you to some interesting YouTube channels. Netflix has a whole category for documentaries.

Why should you listen to them? Well for the one you are educating yourself, two you can do other things while listening to the documentaries. Now here is the danger of history, it can be a bit of an art and is sometimes interpreted differently. Numbers can vary based on who you are talking to and what their agenda is. This is why it is never wrong to watch documentaries made by foreign productions with English subtitles. Perspective matters, especially when pertaining to history. You can also buy audiobooks as well to listen to on the way to work or when on public transportation.       

We have problems in the U.S, It is not a perfect country, But we are the most diverse country on the planet. Here Palestinians and Israeli’s live in peace. Indians and Pakistani peoples live in harmony as well. This country is the melting pot of the world, it is not always good, but we do not have an open war here. We can always improve, and we should always try to, but hating ourselves and hating others is not the path to a truly cohesive society. 

So what can we do to solve today’s issues? It is very simple, keep being yourself. Most people are good, respectfully, and do not care what color your skin is or what god you worship. Basically, respect your fellow humans. Society historically works like a pendulum, usually, society will eventually even itself out. Sometimes civil wars break out that are brutal and cause the deaths of many, but they usually do not last as long. No one ever said history was pretty. What do you think about this post? Do you disagree? Please comment respectfully! If you have any friends or family that may be interested in this content, please refer them to this site.