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Securing Loyalty 

Securing the loyalty of your subordinates is paramount to the success of your team. loyalty to each other and to you, their leader, is needed. coworkers willing to cover for one another and work for one another is the key to success in almost any field. Doing this however is no simple task, it takes meticulously calculated social interaction within your group. 

The military spends a lot of time and resources just to build loyalty to the organization. civilian corporations are no different in this regard. We have all heard of corporate retreats and the military practices the same technique but with different terminology. This practice has existed since the late fifties and has statistically shown improvement in cohesiveness and productivity.

My personal experiences of what is considered by soldiers “mandatory fun” have been largely a mixed bag. These events we are forced to go to function as a tool for superiors to get more face time with you outside the workplace. These events often have competitive sports for friendly, heated competitions between warriors. This mandatory fun is often effective in building loyalty to the Army. The Army also invites the family which is designed to increase support on the home front for the soldier. 

You can earn loyalty through a multitude of similar ways. Try engaging with your team outside work consistently but not too much. Too many events or social gatherings could begin to garner animosity. Try to have events that are family friendly like cookouts and potlucks. 

 During these events actively work to build rapport with subordinates and co-workers. Get to know their families and remember names so you can further inquire about them later. This minimal effort paints you as a caring leader/coworker. Do not be afraid to ask your subordinates for ideas concerning group events.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Has your loyalty ever been secured by a superior? please comment and be respectful. If you have any friends or family that may be interested in this content, please refer them to this site. 


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