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Leaders should empower their subordinates. They can do this by providing guidelines then allowing the subordinate to complete the task in a manner they see fit along the timeline you have discussed with them. Superiors that are overbearing can often decrease efficiency and the subordinates passion in the project. In order for an organization to grow its constituents must be empowered and passionate about their work. 

The military empowers its personnel through strength and resiliency training. This makes the soldier feel confident in their capabilities and excited to execute missions.  This can easily be applied to the civilian workforce. Encouraging managers to practice a more hands-off leadership technique is the easiest way to ensure empowerment. 

In my earlier blog posts, I spoke about a bad relationship between my team leader and me. This was in part due to his unwillingness to allow me to take on problems without giving me direct guidance for the most minute tasks. This was extremely irritating, I felt constricted and annoyed. I did not feel empowered and thus, was not interested in my work. 

I encourage you to empower your team. Give them the space to do their job. Offer compliments when they do well. Have patience and counsel them when they inevitably make mistakes. Set clear guidelines and timelines, let them do the rest. 

This will empower your subordinates. They will appreciate the freedom and work hard to retain it. If they make a mistake, mentor them through what went wrong. Patience and understanding is the key to developing subordinates into empowered future leaders.    

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Have you ever had to empower or been empowered? Please comment and be respectful. If you have any friends or family that may be interested in this content, please refer them to this site. 

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