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Crowd Sourcing 

Being in charge does not mean you have to come up with all the good ideas. Sometimes being a leader is more picking what the best idea is from a panel of subordinates that are experts in their fields. How can you best crowdsource? Any situation can become a crowdsource session.

In the military after every training session or event, we have something called an AAR(After Action Review). Everyone provides three sustains and three improvements minimum. These notes are passed on to the next group that plans the same event next year or to teams planning a similar event. This is a structured mandatory crowdsourcing session to ensure there is a constant improvement. 

The AAR is conducted in a large group session where everyone from the lowest to the highest rank freely offers their input. Everyone is encouraged to donate improvements and sustains to make the training more meaningful. Sometimes another AAR is conducted after with smaller elements just in case someone did not want to say something in front of a higher ranking soldier. I liked AAR’s because I felt I had a way to voice improvements.

I encourage you to attempt crowdsourcing. You can do this by bringing up the three improvements three sustainments at meetings. Maybe have an anonymous suggestion box so people can anonymously offer improvements to the workplace or to projects. If you are in a leadership position, stress that you have an open door policy for subordinates.

Getting input from your subordinates will improve the work environment and increase productivity. The inclusion of coworkers or subordinates will encourage an environment where crowdsourcing becomes less forced. Try to actually implement the suggestions given to you. If you just take suggestions and never make an effort to effect change your subordinates will notice.       

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Have you ever crowdsourced an idea? please comment and be respectful. If you have any friends or family that may be interested in this content, please refer them to this site. 


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