Post Election Stress Disorder

What is this collection and why is it essential?

This collection is a series of stories composed of university women and non-binary identifying folks. Each of these stories addresses the different intersections of a women’s life and how they are affected by the 2016 election. These intersections include those of race, mental health, sexuality, socioeconomic class, and more. This is essential for Americans to realize the consequences of their actions within the government, or lack of actions if they didn’t vote because these stories are the reality of women’s lives all around the world. Some of the stories are positive, people learn how to stand up for others and teach solidarity and activism, but some are more upsetting, realizing the common horrors that people face.

Why is it unique?

The structure of Post Election Stress Disorder differs from traditional chapter books which follow a linear plot. My book is an anthology composed of true stories all under the unifying theme of women in Trump’s America. This differs from other anthologies because they are all first person, non-fiction encounters told in detail of women’s lives resulting from other’s actions.

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